What place for English in Africaners’ self-determination?

What place for English-speaking whites in Afrikaners’ self-determination?
By Anton Barnard
I am sure that the large majority of whites, Afrikaans or English-speaking, would agree that South Africa under ANC rule has become a nightmarish, third-world hell-hole, replete with uneducated tin-pot megalomaniacs screaming down the roads in blue-light convoys, often mowing down innocent pedestrians, corruption, anarchy, decaying infrastructure, rubbish in the streets, heretofore unknown levels of violent crime, as well as the quasi-religion of state racism, known as transformation (a.k.a. ethnic cleansing) aimed against whites in the form of affirmative action and BEE. This black-on-white racism has reached such endemic proportions that Eskom, the state electricity supplier, is …
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